SMEs hate admin, so we automated it
All admin & finance in one place - bank accounts, incoming & outgoing invoices, expenses. Auto-reconciliation & tax chat with your accountant.
What you did with 10 tools before is now in one place & automated
Before Gemms
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You need to use excel sheets, different software, export & import information, make manual payments via bank accounts. You need to manually prepare all the info for your tax accountant and spare over email or phone.
Before gemms
With Gemms
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You use one platform to invoice customers, pay the bills, handle expenses, and have a full financial overview. Documents are auto-attached to payments, your tax accountant sees all the data and can ask questions over a Whatsapp-like chat.
With Gemms
See financial overview
  • Connect all your bank accounts via PSD2
  • See a full overview of all transactions
  • Real-time view of accounts receivable and payable
  • In-depth analytics on spending, invoices, expenses
Invoice customers
  • Customize & send invoices in seconds
  • Automated payment tracking
  • See how much is outstanding
  • Follow up timely
Pay the bills
  • Forward invoices to Gemms
  • Gemms auto-prepares payments
  • Review & pay bills in one click
  • Comment if adjustments are needed
Manage expenses
  • Cards for employees with limits
  • Attach receipts to each payment
  • Cash expenses - reports auto-generated
  • Pay reimbursements with one click
Automate accounting
  • We auto-attach documents to transactions
  • Map missing receipts to transactions in seconds
  • Categorize according to SKR-03/04
  • Your tax accountant has direct access
Taxes like in Whatsapp
  • Your tax accountant sees all the info
  • Discuss their questions over chat
  • Details on transactions visible in the chat
  • Save time and have full transparency
Tired of doing manual work?
It’s time to automate admin